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Is Travis Scott performing a Fortnite Concert at Sweaty Sands?

ASTROWORLD appears to be approaching Sweaty Sands for a rumored Travis Scott Concert.

Be sure to checkout our comprehensive megapost regarding everything we know about Travis Scott’s Fortnite concert!

Last night @HYPEX leaked a piece of audio that was decrypted from Fortnite’s files. It is a 51 second piece of audio and if you listen closely appears to be Travis Scott’s “Highest in the Room”. Listen to it now!

This pretty much confirms that Fortnite is getting a Travis Scott concert in Sweaty Sands. We are not sure how long it will be until it actually happens, but we would guess it will be within 1 week, perhaps next weekend.

ASTROWORLD Approaching Sweaty Sands

Early this morning it was discovered that a pink blob is slowly descending into Sweaty Sands. If you point at the pink blob, it will begin playing the audio we have posted above which appears to sounds like Travis Scott’s “Highest in the Room”.

We will continue to update you as we learn more information about the Travis Scott Fortnite event. Game on!

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