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Junk Rift Come to Fortnite This Week

Fortnite has announced that the Junk Rift throwable item will be coming to the game this week

This was announced via the in-game message of the day. This is where Fornite displays important messages daily.

You can see the image of the Junk Rift as well as the description below.

Fornite Junk Rift
“Crush the Competition”

This item was leaked in the v10.10 patch notes as well as the Week 4 loading screen. There is no information currently on how the Junk Rift works, but we were able to see a possible glimpse from the Week 4 loading screen. It appears that when you throw the Junk Rift, random items appear out of the sky!

Junk rift leak
Week 4 Loading Screen

There is no confirmed date on when this will release, but we expect it to happen either Tuesday or Wednesday.

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