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Epic Games VP responds to accusations of being “out of touch” over Fortnite

Fortnite’s VP fires back after backlash from eSports community over mechs.

Since the start of the tenth season, Fortnite’s introduction of controversial BRUTE mechs has been widely criticized.

EPIC defended the mechs in their post on August 16th, explaining that they are trying to create a gaming environment that allows anyone to achieve a victory.

This explanation was not satisfactory to some, especially competitive Fortnite players. Competitive Fornite players feel that esports play is being sacrificed for the sake of bringing in new players.
On August 17th, Rein “liked” a Twitter post that states that “epic games has no obligation to obey ‘whatsoever esport rules’ when their mission is to bring players of all skill levels together.

Professional Fortnite player Pacifist, replied to Cowboy’s tweet, stating that “he’s out of touch with what the competitive scene needs in order to thrive.”

It’s fair to say that the Fortnite community is up in arms about the mechs, and want to see a significant nerf, or even their complete removal.

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