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Everything we know about Fortnite’s Travis Scott concert event

Here’s everything we know about the imminent Travis Scott concert being held in Fortnite.

It’s no secret now that there will be a Travis Scott related event being held sometime soon in Fortnite. Over the last few days, we have made several posts regarding this and thought it would be a good idea to consolidate everything over in one easy to read place!

Here is a timeline of the event so far! We will be adding to this post daily so be sure to check back!

Travis Scott Fortnite Skin Leaked

This is where it all started. About a month ago on March 17, 2020 @Lucas7yoshi, a reputable Fortnite decoder, leaked on Twitter some text that was extracted from some decoded Fortnite files.

It was revealed that a Travis Scott cosmetic set was found in a decoded file in v12.00.

The rumors began to fly. Would a concert be held? Was Travis Scott producing music for Fortnite? Was the leak even real? Eventually, the hype began to die down and every one seemed to forget about it.

An Image is Decrypted That Appears to Show Sweaty Sands

Fast forward exactly one month later to April 17, we begin to see more leaks surface. On this day, @HYPEX revealed a decrypted image that points to some sort of music-related event happening at Sweaty Sands.

The image is interesting in that it sort of looks like the Apple Music logo with the rainbow colors and the music icon in the center. It definitely has something to do with music, there is no question about that, but where it really gets interesting is when you look deeper into the black background. When you dive deeper it’s clear that it is the Fortnite map, specifically Sweaty Sands.

When we combine both of these things what do we get? A music event happening at Sweaty Sands.

A Poster Appears Around the Map

At this point, things are really beginning to head up though we are still not for sure this is a Travis Scott event. Not even a day after the image above was leaked, users began to report seeing it on posters across the map.

Audio and Texture Leaks Revealing Travis Scott’s “Highest in the Room” song

Things are boiling hot now, leaks are happening at a record pace. Early in the morning of April 18th, two very important things were leaked indicating that this event wasn’t just any old Fortnite event, it was a Travis Scott Fortnite event.

An image was decrypted showing some sort of pink blob that appears to be an island or an astroid of some sort. In additon to this, audio was leaked which sounds exactly like Travis Scott’s “Highest in the Room” song.

See the image and listen below:

Ah ha! We are here! This is absolutely a Travis Scott Fortnite event!

Astroworld Appears in the Sky

At this point, we are now 100% sure there is a Travis Scott related Fortnite event happening, and we couldn’t be more excited. We booted up Fortnite and where pleasantly surprised to see the pink blob in the image above descending down to the island.

The best part? When you look at it the audio from the video above begins to play.

To see this in game, all you need to do is jump out of the bus (don’t forget to thank the bus driver!), and look east!

Travis Scott’s Concert Stage is Being Built

Early on April 19th, players discovered construction work beginning on an island just outside of Sweaty Sands. It is safe to say this is Travis Scott’s Astroworld stage under construction.

It is in the early “stages” (pun intended) or building and we will keep you updated as it progresses!

To be continued

That is currently all we have in regards to the Travis Scott Fortnite concert being held at Sweaty Sands. We will continue to update this page as we find out more information. Be sure to check back frequently as things are happening fast!

Until then, game on!

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