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Fortnite Taco Time nerfed

Epic Games has nerfed Fortnite’s Taco Time which requires players to start dancing, by reducing the duration.

If you haven’t played Fortnite lately or encountered the Taco Time, let me get you up to speed. At Greasy Grove players will be randomly hit with the Taco Time mechanic and be forced to stop what they are doing and start dancing.

This drew a lot of complaints from players as it caused constant interruption when trying to loot Greasy Grove and made for a frustrating time if the game ended there.

Epic Games announced on September 20 that Taco Time was being nerfed and that they fixed the issue with games ending in rift zones.

“We have improved Storm logic to better avoid Final Storm Circles occurring at the POIs they’re prohibited from, and we have reduced the dance duration of Taco Time by half.”

While Taco Time is still there, Epic Games hopes that by cutting the duration in half will make Greasy Grove more tolerable.

We will have to see!

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