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How to use Bouncers to get through enemy walls in Fortnite

Fortnite has reintroduced Bouncers with the v10.40 update that happened on September 25th which has led to players using Bouncers in a creative way. 

A major component of Fortnite has always been who has the best skills in building and editing. Having a slight edge could be the difference between a glorious Battle Royale victory or a disappointing loss.

The reintroduction of the Bouncer has created a new way players can easily get through enemy walls. A Reddit user has discovered that by placing a Bouncer right outside a wall and underneath a ramp, then jumping onto the Bouncer while swinging your pickaxe, you will easily break into your opponents wall.

Bouncer trick his to get trhough everyone’s walls (Shoutout to my Friend Shiva who recorded all this and to me who was the guy who got Killed 🙁 XD ) from r/FortNiteBR

This is something that will take a bit of practice to perfect, but could be extremely beneficial trick to use in the game.

Keep in mind that Bouncers are a pretty rare find and only come in stacks of three. You will also need some space and protection from a team mate.

There is no telling how long this will remain in the game, but enjoy it while it lasts!

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