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How to do Split Screen on Fortnite Xbox

Great news for long time Fortnite fans: split screen is available for Xbox and Playstation players. While it is only available to console players currently, it is likely that at some point in time split screen could be expanded to PC players and perhaps even Nintendo Switch players.

Why play in split screen?

There are a variety of reasons of why someone would want to have the ability to play split screen, but the most likely reason is having the ability to game with friends using one console. It’s natural to want to play Fortnite with friends and let’s face it, not everyone is fortunate enough to own an Xbox or Playstation. Lucky for you (or your friend), you can share the Fortnite love with split screen!

How to play split screen on Xbox or Playstation

Enabling split screen is actually quite simple. The first thing is to make sure you have a second controller charged up and ready to go (duh!). After that, make sure the second controller is signed into the Xbox or PSN account. For PS4, when you turn on the controller it will give you the option to sign into the account. For Xbox, you will need to press the Xbox button on the controller and navigate to the sign in page.

Now, load up Fortnite and ensure you have either a Duo or Squad mode set. You can’t use Solo as this would be an unfair advantage. Finally, once the second player has followed all the steps and the game is setup correctly, all they need to do is hold the X button on either their Xbox or Playstation controller and it will add them to the game. Boom! As easy as that!

If Player 2 already has an Epic account, they can sign in and access all of their skins and emotes. If they don’t have an account, no big deal you can still play!

As I talked a little bit about above, the game modes you are actually allowed to play are quite limited. For obvious reasons two players cannot play solos, but at this point in time you are also unable to play Team Rumble or Creative modes while in split screen. Epic Games has not indicated if this will change in the future, but for now you will have to stick to Duos and Squads.

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