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The Fortnite Doomsday Device Event is Unfolding

The Fortnite Doomsday device appears to be growing. 

It’s time for the end of Fortnite Season 2 and it is rumored that a Doomsday Device could have something to do with it. While we do not know this for sure, rumors are flying that Midas could have something to do with all of this. The current rumor is that Midas is working on some sort of Doomsday device that will flood the map which will ultimately end Season 2.

Other than Astronomical, which was awesome, it has been quite a while since Epic Games has given us an awesome in game event. A Season 2 finale that includes a doomsday device destroying the map with a Noah’s Arch-esque flood could be just what players are looking for. At this point I have myself hyped, anything less than this will be a total disappointment. Slow down, let’s continue.

Fortnite Doomsday Device Leak

While we are sitting back and watching this unfold, we’ve been monitoring the leaks. According to FortTroy, we are seeing the Doomsday event taking shape. Earlier this week, FortTroy leaked a new challenge that relates to the Doomsday device. Let’s take a look below.

In addition to this, we’ve also seen some additional hints. On May 7, players began to report that there could be more to the cable on the Battle Pass Tab. A cable has appeared and it looks like this could be the first of many.

I think we can all agree that this is awesome and all, but what does it all mean? What could a cable possibly have to do with a world ending doomsday device? Well, to be honest, we aren’t exactly sure but we are strapped in and ready to report anything we find out.

We’d love to here you opinion on what this could all mean! Comment below! Be sure to check back frequently for updates as we expect this to be developing quickly!

Game on!

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