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Everything we know about Fortnite’s Black Hole

The countdown timer for the end of Season 10 struck zero and Fortnite has disappeared into a black hole.

On Sunday October 13th, 2019 at 2pm EST, millions of people witnessed a great disturbance online. Before our eyes Fortnite seemingly disappeared into a black hole. Epic Games has had many in-game events before, but never to this magnitude.

Everything is gone. EVERYTHING. The map, menu, characters, all gone. What we are left staring at is this mysterious black hole. Fortnite hasn’t released any updates whatsoever, other than having a livestream of the Blackhole on their Twitter.

Many of you have been staring at the black hole for over 24 hours, eyes bloodshot and everything. Here’s what we know so far:

When can I play Fortnite again? When will the Fortnite’s black hole go away?

We have reason to believe Fortnite will become playable again on either Tuesday at 6am EST or Thursday at 4am EST. Lucas7yoshi was able to dig deep into Fortnite’s code and reveal a possible end date.

Yesterday when looking at the code it revealed that the blackhole event was supposed to last until Tuesday at 6am EST.

Today the code was updated for some mysterious reason. It is now showing that the blackhole event will last until Thursday at 4am EST.

This event could last longer than expected for a few different reasons. The event possibly could have been extended due to Season 11 not being ready in time. With as much hype as this event is drawing, Epic Game’s is going to make sure the new season has minimal bugs and the servers are going to be able to handle the massive amount of players that will simultaneously get online to see the possible new map.

This is the only reason that really comes to mind for the reason Epic Games would choose to delay. With the item shop being gone, it is safe to say that Epic Games is losing a fair amount of revenue.

What are your thoughts? We will continue to update this post as we learn more information.

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