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When are cars coming to Fortnite? Here’s what we know

Cars are coming to Fortnite, but when? Here is the latest scoop.

Epic Games has given us many forms of transportation in the past. From planes to golf carts, vehicles can make an exciting addition to any Fortnite match.

This week, Fortnite players received some disappointing news: cars have been delayed for a few more weeks. There was an initial expectation that cars would be added to Fortnite on July 21st, but those dreams were quickly but to stop by none other than Epic Games themselves.

On July 23rd, the official Fortnite Twitter account posted a tweet stating that we can expect cars to be added “in a few weeks”. See below.

When are cars coming to Fortnite?

According to Fortnite’s tweet, we can expect cars to be added into the game “in a few weeks”. In this case, we can safely assume cars should be added within the first or second week of August possibly on the 8th.

While the delay is certainly disappointing, it does seem that Fortnite has learned from their previous failed attempts are introducing new vehicle to the game. As I am sure we all remember both shopping carts and hamster balls had to be temporarily disabled after they were introduced due to bugs. It seems as if the developers would like to avoid the backlash this time and bring us something that works the first time.

Fortnite car locations

Well, because they are not released in the game yet we are unsure of where exactly we will be able to find them on the map. We can bet they will be found near gas stations and in the driveways of neighborhoods such as Salty Springs. Cars are not exactly waterproof, so we can hope that the map will be less flooded when they release.

Fortnite gas station locations

Unless these cars are Tesla’s, they will need some gas. The good news is, because these already exist within the current Fortnite map we can show you exactly where they are at! It’s worth noting that because the cars have not actually be released in Fortnite, there is no way of actually knowing if they will require gas or not. We are staying on the safe side and revealing the gas station locations just in case.

Source: Gaming Editorial

That is all we currently know about the cars in Fortnite. The quick recap is, the cars were delayed by a few weeks and expected to release sometime within the first couple of weeks in August. We are currently unaware of where the cars will be located or if they will require gas from one of the many gas stations throughout the map.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited to have a new vehicle to drive around?

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