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The Default Skins Have Been Updated

Fortnite has updated all default skins with the recent V10.10 update.

We all remember our first time playing Fortnite and the default skins that played a big part of that. As a new player there was very little customization, but the eight skins to choose from got the job done.

With this most recent update, Epic Games has decided to revamp it’s iconic default skins and modernize them a bit.

Default Skins had Icon updates in v10.10 from r/FortniteLeaks

The default skins look very similar to their past, the main difference being their new poses. With the news poses it actually makes the skins look like they are a part of a collection and adds some uniformity.

It’s a pretty small change that we did not expect, but I think it is worth it in the long run.

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